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Take home Sensory Diets, and Enviormental strategies.

Certified and Trained in Interactive Metronome for brain balance strategies and Handwriting without Tears programs.

Our treatment plans incorporate any areas of difficulty the child may have. We have increased group play, incorporate children into  activities, decreased auditory and visual defensiveness issues and decreased hitting, biting and increased anger management skills for very young children. 

Our families receive intimate attention to detail for treatment plans and ongoing goal changing as our children grow and develop. 

Evaluation process

Treatment Plans

Start your Therapy today!

We gather information through in depth conversation with parents, teachers, and a variety of Standardized testing to ensure our outcomes reach the goals necessary for the child to thrive in their environment to an age appropriate educational and social level. 

*Excellent communication with family and staff

*Kinesiotaping for muscle development included with treatment plan as needed.

*Sensory Integration and Behavior specialty with Interactive metronome System.  Our investments in portable computer software biofeedback equipment often seen within larger outpatient clinics now available within the school day.

*IEP Sensory related educational goals as needed

*Classroom Professional Development for Teachers and Staff

*Environmental Modifications and equipment included